Saturday, March 26, 2011

The ASEAN Conference on Scientific and Social Science Research 2011(ACSSSR2011)

AbstractThe problems of large particles stack in the industry or domestic drains system are not just trivial problems but if they happen factually, these problems can be a major problem not only to the individual but also to the profit of the company. In order to answer these problems the project of Solid Waste Water Extractor has been implemented. This project is concerned on the separation of solid material from wastewater. There are several methods to be conducted, but this innovated product is the best solution as namely physical based separation and using perforated surfaces to separate the particles of a determined physical size. The research objectives are to suggest a solution for the above problem and by using build and test method in this study, a target for solving the problem faces by the industry and domestic has been resulted. The actual mock-up test has shown the accuracy of the product and the result showed that the Solid Waste Water Extractor has met the requirement standard for extraction the large particles extraction. These products are suitable not only for the domestic use but also for the industry.

Keywords Solid Waste, Drainage System, Water Retention, Product Design

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